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Cash Management Tool – BB USA Internet Banking – For Companies

The Cash Management System developed by Banco do Brasil will allow a complete bank Management of your account with BB-NY, with strong security patterns and the best dexterity of Banco do Brasil Technology. This system is available for both individuals and corporations.

Principal Transactions/Services

  • Checking Accounts – Online inquiries and copies of current and previous checking account balances, statements
  • Transfers between accounts – Internal Transfers (USA) and External Transfers (Other Countries)
  • Detailed information about your investments with BB-NY
  • Images – Document Image of transactions – checks, credits, and debits
  • Online checkbook requisition
  • Database maintenance – Change of address, telephone numbers, etc.
  • Secure e-mail – communication inside the bank’s system


  • Extended online banking services (24 hours – 7 days a week)
  • Easy to install, does not required any installation program
  • Easy to handle – User guide available in the System
  • Services are accomplished without the need to visit a Branch
  • Different access levels for different user profile(s) within the company
  • BB USA Internet Banking is able to accommodate various users simultaneously. Each user has one exclusive and secure electronic password
  • Investments – Inquiry, Deposits, Withdrawals
  • File and Payment Upload
  • Multi-currency payments
  • File Transfers – It allows the forwarding and receiving of electronic files
  • Payments – Liquidation of Loans

Access to BB-NY Internet Banking

  • By having an account with BB-NY
  • BB USA Internet Banking may be requested by e-mail:
  • Must complete and sign Master User Agreement and return it to the bank
  • File Transmission directly from company to BB-NY, without manual intervention


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