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The Cash Management system, called Autoatendimento Internacional (AAI), has been developed by Banco do Brasil so that companies can manage their BB NY accounts online.

Primary Service
    • Checking Account – online consultations, account balances, and statements
    • Transfer between accounts – domestic and international transfers
    • Detailed information about your investments with BBNY
    • Document image of transactions (checks, credits, debits)
    • Order checkbooks, request Cashier’s Check, and Stop Payments
    • Maintenance – change of address, telephone numbers, etc.
    • Secure E-mail – internal bank communication

    • Internet banking access 24/7
    • Easy to install
    • Differentiated access for each user in your company
    • AAI can accommodate various users simultaneously. Each user will have their own password.
    • Investments (deposits/withdrawals)
    • Relaying of information between the client and BBNY without manual intervention
    • File and Payment uploads
    • Multi-Currency payments
    • File Transfers (sending and receiving of electronic files)
    • Liquidation of Loans

How to access AAI – Autoatentidmento Internacional:
    • By having an account with BB New York;
    • Click Here to access the website;


ABA number: 026003557
ACH number: 066010490

BB New York, installed on January 1st, 1969.
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