BB Seguridade supports environmental responsibility policies set out in the public commitments of its controlling shareholder, Banco do Brasil, as Agenda 21, the UN Global Compact, the Equator Principles, Green Protocol and the National Pact for the Eradication of Slave Labor proposed by the Ethos Institute. Also held through 2015 culture encouraging actions, supporting nationwide projects with sustainable initiatives in its scopes, such as tips for energy and water savings, and financial education activities in the Cassia Eller musical theater, and in the open air theater named Festival BB Seguridade de Teatro Infantil Brincando no Jardim. Open air projects, as Festival BB Seguridade de Teatro Infantil and Festival BB Seguridade de Blues e Jazz have brought brazilian families to large urban parks, encouraging sustainable and nature preservation actions. With the tax incentive law for encouragement of sport, in 2015 BB Seguridade sponsored the Brazilian national men's deaf volleyball team. The support allowed to select, train and prepare players, aimed their participation in international events and competitions such as South Americans, Pan Americans, World Championships and Deaflympics.
BB Seguridade also encourages and supports its subsidiaries projects that reinforce its commitment to the socio-cultural development of society through the allocation of resources for projects linked to the Incentive Laws (culture, sport, disabled, cancer, aged act, funds). Among other actions, some should be highlighted :

  • Grupo Segurador Banco do Brasil e Mapfre - the only insurance company selected by Exame Sustainability Guide as one of the most sustainable companies in Brazil in 2015. The Company transfers part of the stipulation resources of its products (Seguro Ouro Vida, Ouro Vida Empresa Vida Mulher, Ouro Residencial, Ouro Máquina e Ouro Empresarial) to the Institutions Fundação Banco do Brasil – Banco do Brasil´s foundation (FBB) and the Federação Nacional ads AABBs – national federation of official club of Banco do Brasil -, using the resources in the implementation and maintenance of socio-environmental programs. For more information on projects related to the topic and conducted by Grupo Segurador Banco do Brasil e Mapfre, access:
  • Brasilprev - among the highlights there is the initiative called Projeto de Vida na Ponta do Lápis. The project aims, through free lectures on financial education for public and private schools, members of neighborhood associations and other  institutions of the capital and the suburbs of São Paulo, to disseminate knowledge about financial education in society towards the public awareness of the importance of saving resources for the long term. (Since the beginning of the project until November 2015 have participated in lectures 68,000 people). In 2015, this initiative was recognized with the ENEF Seal to be aligned with the guidelines of the National Strategy for Financial Education. Another highlight was the 4th edition of the Circuito Pedalar, bike ride geared for the whole family, which aims to promote and encourage sustainable actions reinforcing the use of the bicycle as a good alternative for healthy mobility. This year the project went through Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and São Paulo, between August and October, and was attended by over 11,000 participants. For more information on projects related to the theme and performed by Brasilprev, access:
  • Brasilcap - 2015 was historic for Brasilcap. The Company, which is the leader of the premium bonds market, turned 20 years old and took an important step to integrate sustainability into its  business to adhere to the Principles for Sustainable Insurance (PSI), a financial initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP / UN). This membership, set in August 2015, placed the company as the sole signatory on the premium bonds branch. Brasilcap transfers 0.5% of the total funds raised from the sale of products Ourocap Estilo Flex, Ourocap Multichance e Ourocap Torcida Brasil to the Fundação Banco do Brasil – Banco do Brasil’s foundation (FBB), which uses the resources in maintaining environmental projects. In 2015, the amount passed on to projects totaled R$ 7.3 million. Brasilcap also has the Brasilcap Solidário - outreach program -, which includes the participation of its employees in volunteer work, campaigning and fundraising activities for non-profit institutes. For more information on projects related to the theme and performed by Brasilcap access:
  • IRB – It is with people that IRB makes its history and ensures its expansion, never forgetting social inclusion. In this sense, understanding its role in society and as a leader on reinsurance in Brazil, IRB supported two important professional development programs: the insertion of the disabled and the Jovem Aprendiz (young apprentice). According to  the national policy for persons with disability integration and the actual legislation,in 2015, IRB ratified its  job opportunities to people with hearing impairment in several areas and levels. To stimulate learning activity is a way to contribute to the evolution of the workforce in the country. Thus, IRB invests in a young apprentice program. Today, through the program, are 11 student-employees in various areas of the company. The program is aimed at adolescents and young people between 14 and 24 years old and has the mission to insert them in the labor market. Aware of the life quality issue, IRB maintains the Operação Equilíbrio program, which promotes health actions and well-being for employees and encourages physical exercise. IRB sponsored several sports projects benefited by the laws of tax incentives as Circuito das Estações – street race -, Night Riders and Circuito Pedalar – cycling tour - and City Walk. The idea is to bring more life quality for people in the communities where the company operates. For more information on projects related to the topic and conducted by IRB, visit:


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