In compliance with the requirements of Comissão de Valores Mobiliários – CVM (Brazilian securities commission), BB Seguridade adopts procedures to guide purchases and sales of its shares by individuals who by the nature of their position have privileged access to material fact or significant events that have a material impact on or that might effect the company’s business.

In addition, we, our principal shareholders, members of our board of directors, executive officers and members of our fiscal council, and members of any technical or advisory body whatsoever which, by virtue of its office, duty or position in us, or in our controlling shareholders, subsidiaries or affiliates, have knowledge of a material fact, and any other person who has knowledge of material information and knows it has not been disclosed to the market (including auditors, analysts, underwriters and advisors), are considered insiders, and must abstain from trading our securities, including derivatives linked to our securities, prior to the disclosure of such material information to the market.

For general knowledge, then we disclose our main policies:


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