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BB Seguridade Participações S/A, is a leading player in the Brazilian insurance market. Formed on December 20, 2012, the Company was created by Banco do Brasil to centralize its partnerships with private players in insurance, pension plans and premium bonds companies, besides BB Corretora, its proprietary insurance broker.

BB Seguridade has two partnerships with Spanish group Mapfre, operating in the areas of rural, housing, auto and P&C segments. In pension plan solutions, the company has a partnership with Principal Financial Group. In the premium bonds segment, it operates through Brasilcap Capitalização, in a partnership with Brazilian Icatu Group. It also holds the controlling interest in BB Corretora, which sells the products exploring the banking channel through an exclusive contract signed with Banco do Brasil. Currently, those insurance products reach under 15% of the bank clients.

The company is also expanding into new businesses, with recently created Brasildental, to operate in the dental plan segment. In August 2013, BB Seguridade also made its debut in the reinsurance market, acquiring 20.5% of IRB Brasil Resseguro S.A.   

As a result of the corporate reorganizations undertaken since 2008, and the existing potential inside Banco do Brasil’s customer base, BB Seguridade is the fastest-growing company in the Brazilian insurance industry in terms of volume of premiums and contributions, according to Brazilian Superintendence of Private Insurance (SUSEP), and occupies a prominent position in each of its segments of operation.

In line with its controlling shareholder, BB Seguridade follows the highest corporate governance standards, as ratified by its inclusion, from 2014, in BM&FBOVESPA Novo Mercado (BBSE3). That listing segment requires the provision of information facilitating the monitoring and inspection of all acts by the management and controlling shareholders of the Company, and the adoption of corporate rules that best ensure the balancing of shareholders' rights.

The company's prominent position is based on the quality of products offered and on the exclusivity of sales through the Banco do Brasil’s distribution channels. This model, known as Bancassurance, can be defined as a partnership between a bank and an insurance company, in which the bank acts as a distributor of such insurance company.
The network of Banco do Brasil's distribution channels includes 94% of Brazilian municipalities, comprising of: 5.4 thousand branches, 13.8 thousand points of service, 44.3 thousand ATMs, 28.6 thousand shared self-service terminals and 17.4 thousand points of bank correspondents.

The importance of this partnership is significant because it is part of BB’s strategy to offer products that are suited to each segment of clients. And, the insurance, pension and premium bonds products are essential to this relationship strategy.
Besides this distribution network, BB Seguridade has also a network of over 20 thousand authorized brokers all over the Brazilian territory whose purpose is mainly to sell vehicle and non-life insurance lines.

BB Seguridade is also delivering commitments made to the market during the IPO process: the announcement of dividends, with an 80% payout, a public Guidance for the financial year, and the election of a member elected by the minority shareholders in our Board of Directors and Fiscal Council.

Those steps are part of our governance process, as well as being a part of the new Ibovespa from 2014 and launching an ADR level 1 program, in order to enhance the liquidity of our shares, and provide access to investors that have some kind of burden to invest in assets that are not traded in the US Market.

Controlling shareholder Banco do Brasil

Banco do Brasil S/A is the largest Brazilian and Latin American bank in terms of assets, with over 61 million customers, and third by market value. Headquartered in Brasília, the company was founded in 1808 and is the oldest active bank in Brazil. Controlled by the Brazilian government, is one of the four most profitable Brazilian banks, holding a strong leadership position in retail banking. Before BB Seguridade, it already had over 20 years of performance in the insurance area.


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